Osteoarthritis research in India: A scientometric assessment of publications output during 2007-16

Ashok Kumar, Sapna Goel


The paper examines 792 Indian publications on Osteoarthritis research, as covered in Scopus database during 2007-16, registering an annual average growth rate of 12.53% and citation impact of 10.66. India’s share in global Osteoarthritis research output was 1.80% during 2007-16, which increased from 1.41% to 2.10% from 2007-11 to 2012-16. India’s international collaborative publications share in Osteoarthritis research was 18.06% during 2007-16, which increased from 13.87% to 20.27% from 2007-11 to 2012-16. Medicine, among subjects, contributed the largest publication share (69.95%) to India’s Osteoarthritis research, followed by Pharmacology, Toxicology & Pharmaceutics (26.01%), Biochemistry, Genetics & Molecular Biology (18.56%), and Immunology & Microbiology (3.41%) And Agricultural & Biological Sciences (2.27%) during 2007-16. The top 15 most productive organizations and authors together contributed 31.57% and 19.44% publication share and 52.97% and 23.37% citation share to total publications and citation output of India in Osteoarthritis research during 2007-16. The top 15 most productive journals together accounted for 26.56% share of India’s total publication output on Osteoarthritis research during 2007-16, which increased from 26.12% to 26.80% from 2007-11 to 2012-16. Of the total India’s Osteoarthritis research output, 13 highly cited papers have registered 101 to 830 citations per paper during 2007-16, which together received 2631 citations, averaging to 202.38 citations per paper. Amongst 13 highly cited papers, 6 resulted from stand-alone single organization and 7 from participation by two or more organizations (4 as national collaborative publication and 3 international collaborative publications). The 13 highly cited papers involved the participation of 162 authors from 123 organizations (including 28 Indian) and   were published in 13 journals (with 1 paper each).

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